Report Of The Day!

The duty officer reported to his CO: Sir nothing significant has happened during my duty hours - only the dog died.

The CO asked: How did the dog die?

The duty officer: Ate too much of mule meat sir.

The CO: Mule meat ? Where did that come from?

The duty officer: Sir actually we had to shoot one of our mules.

The CO: Why?

The duty officer: You see sir, he was in terrible pain due to over exhaustion caused by overload.

The CO: How over load ?

The duty officer: We had to carry water in barrels from the river and this mule got overworked.

The CO: Water ? Why ?

The duty officer: Sir because we had a fire in the Quarter Guard... everything is turned to ashes.

The CO: Goddamn it... this is what you should have begun your report with.

The duty officer: Well actually when I reported to 2IC, I did that, but he fainted on the spot....
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