Clubhouse Bios for Boys

I’m jealous of my parents, I’ll never be able to have a kid as cool as theirs.
Why blend in when you born to stand out.
I have to be funny because being hot just isn’t an option for me at this point.
Make peace with your broken pieces.
It’s never too late to be who you might have been.
Savage attitude but a golden heart.
Taking naps is so childish, I prefer to call them horizontal life pauses.
I don’t look like this in real life.
Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles.
If you fall, worry not. The floor will be there.
All my life I thought the air was free until I bought a bag of chips.
I followed my heart, it led me to the fridge.
This is my simple Coffee dependent life.
I need 6 months of vacation twice a year.
is shaped by your dreams. Stop wasting time and go to sleep!
Give me the chocolate and nobody will get hurt.
My only real long term goal is to end up on Ellen’s show.
You can’t make everybody happy, you aren’t a jar of Nutella.
It’s not a phase, it’s who I am.
Maybe I’m born with it.
My blood is made of coffee.
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