Best Yoga Short Jokes

Best Yoga Short Jokes

Here's a list of some of the best yoga class jokes and yogi jokes that will keep you and your yoga teacher laughing for hours. One can really see that any one of these jokes is a great find:

Why do vegetable lovers love practicing yoga regularly? They always want to find their inner peas.
How do you know if the yoga clinic is hiring new people to work with them? They will have many open positions to fill in.
How did my yoga instructor know I was serious about her yoga classes? I told her I have a flexible schedule.
What did the yoga instructor say when her student could not touch her forehead to her knees? She said, "Yoga-to try harder tomorrow".
Which yoga pose is the most popular after an intense yoga session? Decom-pose.
Why did the doughnut have a difficult time in yoga class? It could not find its center.
At the end of a yoga class, what does a squirrel shout? Nut-maste.
Why does the bear loves his yoga classes? He likes to paws and reflects.
What is a pirate's favorite yoga pose? It is definitely the plank!
What is the most dangerous pose in yoga? It is the corpse pose.‍
What car would be the best choice to practice yoga? Mercedes Bendz.
How do you know your yoga instructor is angry with you? He gets incensed.
What do the kids call yoga? Twister.
What is the most romantic yoga pose one can do? Pro-pose.
Why does a yoga instructor never use a vacuum? They want to stay away from attachments.
What did the yoga instructor have for breakfast every day? Berries with yogi-urt.
What did the yoga instructor want for her birthday? No gifts, only presence.
Which is the quietest pose in yoga? The sleeping lion.
What did the student say when her yoga teacher asked her to touch her knees with her nose? She thought it was a bit of a stretch.
What did the yoga instructor say to the criminal? You have the right to remain silent.
What do a yoga instructor and an apple peeler have in common? Both of them really take you to the core.
How can one look at things from a different perspective? By doing poses in yoga.
How can you tell when a yoga instructor is extremely angry? He gets incensed.
How did the ketchup bottle prove that it is good at practicing yoga poses? It said, "I can stretch from my head to-ma-toes".
How do you know when the yoga instructor is good? None of her students get bent out of shape.
How does a student feel after a good yoga and meditation class in the morning? Calm and Com-posed.
How does a T-Rex feel after practicing yoga? He feels like a dino-sore.
How does a yoga instructor pick on a student in front of the whole class? He puts the student in an awkward position.
Why did the yoga trainer resigned from his job after 5 years? He had in a stretch.
If fishes wanted to do yoga, then where can they go to? They have to go to the river bend.
If someone kills a yoga teacher before the yoga session, what is it called? A pre-meditated murder.
What did everyone think about the book that the new yoga instructor wrote about losing belly fat in ten days? Everyone found it very vague, rather abs-tract.
What did she say to her dog while practicing yoga? Nama-stay.
What did the student say when her teacher taught her poses that targeted her core? She said, "These poses are abs-olutely killer!".
What did the teacher say to her student who was very late for her yoga class? She asked her to get her asana mat quickly.
What did the yoga instructor say when her student complained of no visible results after regular classes? She said it would be worth the weight.
What do you call it when Jack Sparrow goes for classes? Pilates of the Caribbean.
What does a cow say when he practices yoga backward? Oooom.
What does a yoga instructor say when he gets electrocuted? Ohm!
What happens when a student refuses to perform a pose during classes? The yoga instructor im-poses it on the student.
What is a yoga class without mindfulness called? It is only an exercise class then.
What should you call a bagel that has mastered yoga? A pretzel.
What should you say to stay back at the yoga center and not be rude? Nah-must-stay.
What was inscribed on the sign on the door of the yoga class? Please inquire within.
Which is the only vegetable that would go for yoga classes? It is probably muscle sprouts.
Why are most tornados good at doing yoga exercises? Because they are twisting.
Why are yoga teachers loved so much? They would bewilling to bend over backward for their students.
Why did my yoga instructor make me stand on one foot while I ate? She wanted me to have a balanced diet.
Why did the chicken go for yoga classes regularly? It wanted to work on its pecks.
Why did the girl never practice yoga poses that targeted belly fat? She thought it was an absolute waist of time.
Why did the girl stop going to her yoga classes? She said it was not working out.
Why did the line go for yoga classes regularly? It wanted to get into good shape.
Why did the protein shake make the yoga instructor sick? She probably had whey too much.
Why did the shellfish go for yoga classes regularly? To get stronger mussels.
Why did the yoga instructor ask her students to go to the paint store? She had heard that her students could get thinner there.
Why do teddy bears not want to practice poses in yoga? They fear they will get ripped.
Why do yogis want you to work on your abs? They want every person to find the abs-tract essence.
Why does an obese ghost not want to go for yoga classes regularly? He fears being exercised.
Why does the demon go for yoga classes regularly? He loves to exorcise there.
Why does the fisherman not go for yoga classes anymore? He stopped after he pulled a mussel last week.
Why were the students not confident about their yoga skills? They thought they were just posers.
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