Hi-Tech Conversation

OK, now this is hilarious!

Husband: Hi Dear, I am logged in.

Wife: Would you like to have some snacks?
Husband: Hard disk full.

Wife: Have you brought the stuff which i asked for?
Husband: Bad command or file name.

Wife: But I told you about it in the morning!
Husband: Syntax error, abort, retry, cancel.

Wife: Oh my God! Forget it, where's your salary?
Husband: File in use, read only. try after some time.

Wife: At least give me your credit card, I can do some shopping.
Husband: Sharing violation, access denied.

Wife: I made a mistake in marrying you!
Husband: Data type mismatch.

Wife: You are useless!
Husband: By default.

Wife: Who was there with you in the car this morning?
Husband: System unstable. Press ctrl, alt, del to reboot.

Wife: What is my value in your life?
Husband: Unknown virus detected.

Wife: Do you love me or your computer?!
Husband: Too many parameters.

Wife: I will go to my dad's house!
Husband: Program performed illegal operation, it will close.

Wife: I will leave you forever!
Husband: Close all programs and log out for another user.

Wife: It's worthless talking to you!
Husband: Shut down the computer.

Wife: I am going!!!
Husband: It is now safe to turn off your computer.
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